Friday, October 31, 2008


The Next Generation

Top Hamas advisor Dr. Ahmed Yousef discusses the future of Israel and Palestine.


Resetting Priorities

Reading this article from Indian Country Today, I was struck by a staggering statistic in one of the recently-passed National Congress of American Indians resolutions. NCAI resolved that Social Security eligibility should be lowered from age 63 to age 55 due to the fact that the average life expectancy for American Indians is 48.

With almost no jobs available to people over age 55, this makes sense. But the underlying causes of such a limited life expectancy for Native Americans warrant immediate federal action.

Maybe some of us with useful talents and skills learned over a lifetime can act as mentors and volunteers in remedying this horrible condition. This and other human needs should take priority in the next US Congress.


Selling Slavery

My associate Melissa Farley is noted in this article about San Francisco's ballot measure to legalize prostitution. In my view, it cuts through the fog surrounding the lethal proposition that women and children -- trafficked from Asia for sex slavery -- can be better protected by making pimps and traffickers legitimate businessmen.

That proposition, as noted, has not proven to be the case--anywhere. Instead, legalizing this gross violation of human rights has always led to an increase in violence against impoverished women and children.

As if that wasn't enough, the fact that this crime against humanity is disproportionately destroying aboriginal peoples leaves me at a loss for words.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


End Times

Watch the trailer for the documentary film Silhouette City, and find a screening near you. Better yet, order the DVD and see what Palin, the militias and the American apocalypse are all about. Don't let your town become the next Oklahoma City.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Lethal Illogic

San Franciscans generally mean well, but sometimes their illogic can be lethal. Perhaps the ultimate in their economic illiteracy is Proposition K, the ballot measure supported by the city's politically correct, pimps and other thugs.

For those committed to promoting violence as a way of life, San Francisco's ballot provides the opportunity to combine two of the most destructive forms of violence on earth--militarism and prostitution. Maybe a revamped JROTC program in San Francisco's public schools can add a course for adolescent girls interested in making a career of being serially raped and beaten by pimps.

In time, San Francisco might even come to acquire the ambience of a military base, where teenagers trained as killers take out their lethal hostilities on society's most desperate women. Anyone who thinks prostitutes who organize to eliminate pimps and traffickers from their lives will end up anything but dead, maimed or deported is living in a fantasy world.



Indigenist Intelligence Review reports on last week's Organization of American States hearing on indigenous issues related to the US-Mexican border wall. Testimony by Apache representatives before the OAS Inter-American Commission on Human Rights was interrupted by US State Department representatives when complaints about desecration of Indian burial grounds by Homeland Security contractor Boeing corporation were raised. IIR provides links to videotaped OAS testimony.


Idaho's Forgotten War

Watch the trailer of the new film about the 1974 Kootenai insurrection.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Obama's Creds

Vanity Fair interviews Nader's VP pick Matt Gonzalez on why Obama kept them out of the debates. Maybe, Gonzalez says, it's because he doesn't want anyone to point out that he is:
pro-death penalty

Monday, October 27, 2008


Circumventing a Cover-up

Assembly of First Nations may break with Canadian government Truth and Reconciliation Commission in order to conduct an independent investigation into the murders of 50,000 Native children in church-run, government-sponsored Indian Residential Schools.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Real History

Reading an article about a Native American candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction in Montana, I was surprised to learn that Montana is the only state in the US that requires teaching American Indian history in its public schools, and equally important, funds that mandate. While we all learned something in school about the indigenous peoples of our country, the difference in Montana is that the information must be factually accurate and culturally appropriate. Think about what a difference that could make if adopted in the other 49.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Palin's Faith

Palin's faith is briefly discussed in the New York Times, but as with most mainstream news, the violent roots of her religion and political career are not.

America's a crazy place today in large part because its early European immigrants were a pretty nuts group themselves. Inheritors of rabid religions molded out of war, famine and plague on the other side of the Atlantic, they practiced -- and still practice -- a particularly insane form of commerce, religion and governance that threatens all life on earth.

Palin's people -- most of whom believe in and practice religiously-inspired malicious harassment for political purposes -- are a throwback to the witch-burning early settlers. While most of us have moved on intellectually and socially, there are outposts of madness still reveling in apocalyptic visions they desperately fight to impose on the rest of us.

Like all social pathologies that threaten the health of our society, this is one we must oppose vigorously, both as Americans and as sane human beings. We ignore this public menace at our peril.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Without a Shred of Conscience

Kevin Annett's documentary film Unrepentant exposes the hidden history of the Canadian holocaust.

Annett's revelation in the 1990s of the Indian Residential School death camps, run by the United Church of Canada, initiated public scrutiny of the systematic indigenous extermination by the Canadian government and mainstream churches that has broken the silence imposed by Canadian media and authorities. Despite ongoing church, government and police harassment, the story of mass murder of native peoples in Canada that continues to this day is no longer banished from human consciousness. Indeed, the crimes of the present against aboriginal peoples by North American institutions and corporations reveals the truth of Annett's statement that, "Christianity was hijacked" by a people who were able to kill "without a shred of conscience".

This may be the most powerful documentary you ever see; it certainly won't be one you'll forget.


Real Change

American historian Howard Zinn talks with The Real News about creating an alliance for real change.


An Unconscious Response

Lutheran pastor declaims ongoing spiritual terrorism against indigenous peoples worldwide. White supremacy and religious imperialism are so ingrained in Euro-American consciousness, he says, that it has become an unconscious response.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


A New Phase

Bolivia moves forward in empowering its indigenous majority. Watch (and support) The Real News.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Not Mere Pilfering

How you solve a problem depends on how you define it. One can get into the circular argument about whether government as a criminal enterprise causes totalitarianism, or the reverse, but the fact of the matter is that they are symbiotic. Allowing too much power to accrue in too few hands results in crime, and allowing crime to go unpunished results in unaccountable power.

Homeland Security, national security, and the GWOT all concentrate power and funding without even a semblance of oversight or accountability. So naturally they are criminal enterprises used to punish political opponents and to line the pockets of friends.

In its present form, this criminal enterprise is not mere pilfering, it is wholesale larceny that is depriving us of the ability to live. As such, the situation is not one of negotiation, but rather of warfare. Advocacy as a response is ineffective, inadequate and inappropriate.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Gateway to the Apocalypse

Key religious right McCain/Palin endorser Pastor John Hagee talks about the international Jew and the Antichrist.


Seeking Work

I write a regular column for Fourth World Eye, an e-zine published by the Center for World Indigenous Studies (the premier indigenous think tank in the world). I also have a dozen personal blogs where I write on a daily basis.

The following links probably provide all you need to see if I would be a good fit as a writer or guest speaker for your organization.

Issues: democracy, human rights, world indigenous movement
Video clips:

--Jay Taber


A Violent Force

A people holy to the Lord show no mercy.


Sufficient in Itself

When I fist began commenting on other people's blogs back in 2003, I started receiving queries about suggested reading and correspondence about the restricted world view of the medium. After considerable discussion with bloggers I then considered avant garde, I was persuaded to create my own learning house.

The key to convincing me to take that step was a reply to my protest that most of my archived writing was in an academic format. The reply was, "that is exactly what we need."

Since then, I have broadened my selection of formats and styles to suit different moods or frames of mind, but I find myself repeatedly called on to provide a scholarly argument -- consisting of articles, essays, papers and reports -- in order for correspondents to explore further the concepts raised in my posts and comments. For it is this deeper analysis, according to my readers, that bolsters their commitment to the causes we mutually support, and sustains their morale in difficult times. A reason that is sufficient in itself.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Palin's Plan for Palestine

Palin's plan for Palestine is incineration.

The first step in her religion calls for all Jews in the world to be coerced to emigrate to Israel. The second step is to support the State of Israel in committing genocide against the Palestinians. The third step is for the US to instigate nuclear holocaust in Israel thereby incinerating all Jews (agents of Satan) and bringing on the Apocalypse.

Some American Jews misinterpret step two as a US guarantee for the apartheid state. They ignore step three and misunderstand step one.

American Zionists (Jewish and Christian) understand this plan, but split over the practicality of step one and the desirability of step three. Most Americans are completely clueless about all the above.

Palin's followers, who believe she has been anointed for this task by God, are already discussing the necessity of assassinating McCain if he interferes with Palin's plan. The anti-Muslim hate campaign in the Midwest this month is a warm-up exercise for adherents of Palin's religion and her domestic terrorism support base in the Militia Movement. Murder is on the horizon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Taking Over for Jesus

Watch the newest video from Palin's church, and see if you want to live in a society ruled by her and her followers.

Friday, October 17, 2008


To Torture Democracy

PBS and NPR bury the cover-up of torture to protect their public funding from retaliation by the perpetrators in the White House and Congress. In case you didn't already know.


A Point of Conversation

Jimmy and Myriam Bell discuss Chile's shameful record on human rights, and how they as Chilean refugees helped in making history. As exiles living in England, they explain the importance of making human rights a point of conversation in our daily lives, and perhaps more importantly, in making a little contribution toward honoring those who have suffered.


Facts on the Ground

Pepe Escobar and Forest Hylton discuss the US disconnect on integration developments in South America.

Noting the indigenous mobilization in Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia in particular, The Real News reporters observe that the only role currently being played by the US government is in supplying arms to put down labor organizing and indigenous resistance. With the assassination of fourteen indigenous leaders by paramilitaries in Colombia during the last two weeks, the US involvement needs to be held accountable by the American people as well as by international human rights regimes.


Dirty Deal

The world's largest industrial project, the Alberta tar sands mine, is poised to increase it's carbon emissions ten fold. And that's only one of many devastations unacceptable to Greenpeace Canada and the Indigenous Environmental Network.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Preventing Progress

ACLU blog discusses why spying on American citizens by the American government is a serious problem.

While perhaps not a problem for most Americans, who are too lazy or complacent to be targeted by police for taking the duties of citizenship seriously, the social impact of bugging those who do is enormous. The ability of politically-motivated police and financially-motivated communications companies participating in this abuse to destroy the lives of community activists and whistle-blowers is staggering; the fact this abuse is supported by all major politicians of both political parties is alarming.

With the recent preparations to mobilize the U.S. Army against U.S. citizens expressing dissent in the streets, the roundup of those protesting government corruption in advance of the national political conventions this summer looks like a mere warm-up exercise. Under such grandiose betrayal of the U.S. Constitution, defending democracy within the US has now become a crime.


Us and Them

Reading the announcement of a proposed Global Summit on finance and economics, I was reminded of the maxim that the bigger the lie, the easier believed. Our faith in the state-sponsored free market recently shaken, what better way to bolster the colossal fraud than to hold a summit for the perpetrators? Of course, holding a summit on the state-market system (that has robbed us blind for centuries), is, as Nancy Pelosi likes to say, off the table.

So where does that leave us?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


WHO Cares?

Rima Laibow speaks on the transnational corporate corruption of food safety standards at the World Health Organization. Listen to Dr. Laibow describe the history and future of the United Nations' world trade and world health regimes in criminalizing natural health practices. Learn what you can do to help her fight back.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


All that has been Stolen

Melanie Gilligan's five episode Crisis in the Credit System online mini-drama is one of the most informative creations explaining the culmination of all that has been stolen.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Home of the Crave

As a 24/7 Hysteria Outlet Mall, America has something for everyone seeking momentary mania. Cruise the Apocalypse Aisle for bargain of the week, and stop by the special display on religious fervor. Pick up a case of high anxiety, and throw in a carton of Armageddon.

While you're there, grab free samples of name brand conspiracies, time-tested to put you into a frenzy. And should you have an unexpected panic attack, there's plenty of discount drugs to mix and match at your disposal.

Then you can stop making sense, and have a nice day.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


BIAW Kickback Scheme

Two years ago, we wrote about the perennial electoral fraud of the Building Industry Association of Washington. It seems this year, the notorious corrupters of the public interest are being challenged by two former Washington Supreme Court justices for money-laundering. Any way you cut it, the problem won't go away until the citizens of the state repeal by initiative the sweetheart kickback scheme that funds the BIAW criminal enterprise. The Washington legislature is simply too entrenched in bribe-taking to go after them.


Call for Help

My associate Mirjam Hirch reports on the inhumanity of the cellphone industry.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Big Shoes

The first person I met when thinking about applying to graduate school at New College of California was Harry Britt, the former San Francisco Supervisor appointed by Mayor Dianne Feinstein in 1979 to the seat vacated by the assassination of the legendary gay activist Harvey Milk. As luck would have it, in 1987, Harry narrowly lost out in a Congressional race to Nancy Pelosi.

I doubt that Harry would ever have risen to become Speaker of the House, but there are measurements of worth that surpass that type of power, and I'd prefer to call Harry Britt a friend over Nancy Pelosi any day.

With the documentary about Harvey Milk coming out soon, I thought about the courage it took to step into his shoes immediately after his murder in San Francisco City Hall, as well as the devotion Harry showed toward his students over his long tenure at New College. I'll always be grateful he made me feel so valued and welcome there.


Working for Dignity

Indian Country Today looks at the changing lives of indigenous domestic workers in Bolivia.

Friday, October 10, 2008


The Friends She Keeps

Salon magazine's David Neiwert and Max Blumenthal look at Sarah Palin's connection to the militia movement. Public Good Project's Paul de Armond explains why that's a problem. Rudolph Ryser reports on how these vigilantes threaten Native Americans, and Jonn Lunsford describes how they pose a menace to public health and safety.


Update on the Pirate Professor

Exiting our wayback machine from 2005, when Perry Mills -- the renowned theatre arts professor from Western Washington University -- was unceremoniously sacked on trumped up charges (in retaliation for blowing the whistle on administrative money-laundering), we are happy to announce he has been reinstated. We don't know the whole story yet, but we do have photos.


Assemblies of God?

A refugee from AOG describes the convenience of illogic inside the madhouse of religion he took on faith until he began to think for himself.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Evolution of Consciousness

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has established a web page for the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people.

The procedures, reports and communications of the Special Rapporteur help to educate governments and indigenous activists, as well as to illustrate the limitations of international institutions in effectively addressing human rights abuses.

As always, there is not only a role for civil society to play in bringing an end to discrimination, but also a role for scholars and media in preparing humanity as a whole, cognitively, for the evolution of our shared consciousness, and the need to respect the existence of peoples living alongside, but independent from, the framework of state and market controls.


No Silver Lining

An indigenous community of the northern Andes fights to prevent their communal oasis from becoming another open pit wasteland. Barrick Gold of Canada and the government of Chile team up to destroy these self-reliant Indians' ability to survive.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Apostolic State

Focusing on the rhetoric of the "stupid hick" Sarah Palin, rather than on the reality of a dangerously savvy religious fanatic and politician, is a sign of progressive arrogance and ignorance. Those who want to become informed rather than entertained on the topic can listen to Palin's prayer group leader Mary Glazier.


Making a Killing

According to the San Francisco Bay Guardian, five of San Francisco's fourteen billionaires are from the Fisher family, owners of the sweatshop/child labor giant GAP. Also noted by the Bay Guardian, the top two supporters of a ballot initiative to fund JROTC in San Francisco United School District are the Chamber of Commerce and GAP. As we observed in our comment on the article, commerce and militarism go hand-in-hand.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Cox Cover-up

Chris Rodda reports on the media cover-up of the hate crime in Ohio, where Muslim children were gassed in a Dayton mosque. Earlier stories by local reporters on the incident were recently removed by Cox Ohio Publishing, a recipient of substantial advertising revenue from the Clarion Fund, the sponsor of an anti-Muslim video distributed in the area shortly before the attack on the mosque.


Masking Reality

The masking of reality in public education and mainstream media is sometimes justified for its soothing or exciting effect, but even at its most benign, masking reality is a deception. When such superficial deception lures the ignorant -- conservative or liberal -- into complacency or vengeance, reality becomes anything but benign. When this deception is used to promote social disintegration, the mask becomes a weapon rather than an object of art.


Christian Fascism

Sarah Palin's propulsion into politics was fueled by religious intolerance, organized through malicious harassment, and targeted at democracy. Her use of the power of the state to deny equal protection under the law and to thwart the civil rights of her ideological opponents is consistent with the bigotry promoted and organized by the churches that made her what she is.

The wedding of her religiously-derived anti-democratic agenda to corporate impunity is what is known as Christian Fascism. Her particular brand of this political phenomenon was responsible for the murder of a quarter of a million indigenous people of Central America during the Reagan Administration.

Christian Fascism in the United States got a foothold in the White House during the last eight years, and with Palin's candidacy is hoping to someday occupy the Oval Office.

Under the Bush Administration, the U.S. judiciary took a decidedly right turn against Native American sovereignty, the U.S. Constitution and international law; under a Palin Vice Presidency, we should expect community-level violence and harassment to increase significantly.

Indeed, with the help of the Clarion Fund and others, that is already happening.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Politics of Thuggery

Much as most Americans prefer politics as entertainment, or at most as an informal seminar, the reality is that the politics of thuggery -- especially as practiced by the GOP -- is anything but academic. The racism, xenophobia, and homophobia exhorted by Republican leadership from Reagan to the present, has had homicidal consequences.

Add to that volatile mixture the expressly violent religious milieu of Vice Presidential candidate Palin, and street-level violence is a matter of when, not if.

These right-wing thugs cannot be reasoned with, but they can be defeated. Like their Wise Use compatriots, they seize political power at the local level and leverage themselves up from there. Sometimes they get a helping hand, as when the GOP mainstreamed the white supremacist militias in 1995 and again in 2005, but most of their success is due to persistent organizing and malicious harassment.

Granted, liberals are the last ones willing to confront such a hostile milieu, but the fact of the matter is that political violence, even when violating civil rights or committing assault, is rarely prosecuted by law enforcement. The only way to settle the hash of these hoodlums is to do research on the local ringleaders, educate others, and organize a community action to rein them in.

Anything short of that will fail.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Promoting Murder in America

Contrary to public opinion, promoting murder is not protected by the U.S. Constitution. Nor is it protected by tax exempt status, as in the case of charitable trusts and organized religions. The only place we find some degree of protection for individuals engaged in promoting murder is in the limited liability of corporations and in the immunity of public officials.

Yet, looking at the history of domestic terrorism in the United States, promoters of murder have consistently found sanctuary in these locations. Looking closer, though, it becomes clear that this has been primarily for the purpose of mobilizing human and financial resources effectively in carrying out a murderous agenda. The ideological protection, however, has been provided in the distorted interpretation of free speech, a protection not provided by law, but rather by practice.

This practice takes two essential forms: lack of prosecution by law enforcement, and lack of challenge by civil society. In fact, civil liberties groups have arguably had as much influence on public misperception about promoting murder as has the Department of Justice. Granted, the existing statutes against promoting murder are applied more vigorously against non-Christian, non-white terrorists than they are against white Christian terrorists, but the public perception of these cases is usually distorted by the added elements of conspiracism and ideological misrepresentation.

Which brings us back to our main topic. Why are charitable organizations like the Clarion Fund allowed to openly promote murder of Muslims in the media and through the U.S. mail? Why are US corporations allowed to promote murder of environmentalists and Native Americans through charitable organizations like the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise?

Is it only institutionalized bigotry, or is there more to it?

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Attacking the Truth

Robert Parry talks about the role of right-wing US foundations in funding the attack on truth in media.


Time Frames

Historian Howard Zinn talks about history, consciousness, and the American Revolution.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Sobering Up Progressives

Someone once said that arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand. Listening to progressives reassure themselves (once again) that the election is in the bag -- due to their candidate's superior intelligence -- reminded me of that. But, as we know, after watching two stolen presidential elections in a row, politics is not quite that simple.

Progressives believe in fair play. Conservatives believe in winning by any means necessary. This report by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU reminds us of what that entails.

In case progressives think that, this time, their heroes are going to fight tooth and nail to win, the video of Al Gore's chiding of the Congressional Black Caucus to abide by the fascist five Supreme Court decision of 12/12/2000 might help to sober them up.


A Nihilistic Tradition

In Prostitution, Trafficking, and Cultural Amnesia, Melissa Farley observes that, "In order to normalize prostitution in everybody's culture, postmodern theory helps to keep the real harms of prostitution, pornography and trafficking invisible." She also notes the racialized hierarchy of the industry:
Within the gendered institution of prostitution, race and class create a familiar hierarchy with indigenous women at its lowest point. Especially vulnerable to violence from wars and economic devastation, indigenous women are brutally exploited in prostitution.

As such, "the academic tradition of postmodern theory," says Dr. Farley, "hides and trivializes real oppression in the world." You can learn more about How Prostitution Works.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Maintaining Inequality

In Learning from South Africa, Palestinian activist Haidar Eid and South African activist Savera Kalideen claim that on all counts Zionism is worse than Apartheid. Able to avoid UN Security Council censure thanks to the US veto, Israel's dispossession of its indigenous people finds protection in the only institutional bodies capable of forcing observation of human rights and resolution of civil rights.

One state with equal rights for all is the position of the Palestinians, while the two-state solution proposed by Israel is merely a ruse for maintaining inequality. Ida Audeh discusses a new strategy for advancing Palestinian interests.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Palin's Apocalypse

Respecting the right to believe dangerous, intolerant religious precepts is one thing. Handing the reins of power and the public purse to someone closely associated with a demonstrably violent religious agenda is another. Listen to Chip Berlet and learn what Palin's Apocalypse is all about.


Organizing Autonomies

The ongoing criminal enterprises associated with US institutions and markets illustrates clearly the behavioral difference between states and nations. States, as static structures protecting the privileged from the populace, stand in stark contrast to nations, dynamic political entities organized to protect their populace from being ripped off.

The War on Terror and Wall Street bailout plan may be the most current incarnations of state and market collusion in committing fraud, but they fit into a long-established pattern of corruption by modern states. The now twelve-year litigation by Native Americans to recover resource royalties, stolen from Indian trust fund accounts at the Department of Interior (with the assistance of the energy industry), provides a cogent example of the conflict between nations and states. Fourth World nations fighting "free trade" state colonialism throughout the Americas provides another.

The obvious solution is to not let the states and markets mismanage economies in the first place, allowing indigenous nations and other more democratic entities to control their own destinies. Organizing such autonomies requires enacting the principle of subsidiarity at community and regional levels--affecting a redistribution of the power now so corruptly concentrated in Washington and New York.

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