Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Arvin Returns

Spartacus O'Neal:

Meanwhile the GOP is already gearing up its anti-immigrant campaign in 30 states as the number one ballot issue for 2006. (For those who haven't noticed, racism works in the US.) So how many pastors from the Washington Association of Churches (co-sponsors of a national human rights conference in their state last weekend) showed up to get informed? You guessed it--zero.

Arvin Hill:

What a perfect metaphor for the sorry state of American citizenship, and a scathing indictment of what passes for The Left. It does not bode well for the future - including the short term future. It's becoming quite clear the existing political framework is ill-suited for anything other than a totatalitarian role. Having witnessed the abuses and crimes Americans have so casually accepted since Bush was installed, I'm fairly certain American adults are largely a lost cause. Resistance, if there is to be one, will depend primarily on youth, that virtually powerless segment of society we have consistently failed. Concepts such as citizenship, civil rights and social justice must be planted in young minds and actively cultivated in perpetuity if this "Republic" experiment is to be resurrected. We are past the point at which these topics can be adequately addressed within a public education system that has long been Ground Zero in the NeoCon Revolution. How to go about doing this is an open question, and one we're not contemplating nearly enough.


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