Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Life in the Slow Lane

During my month long hiatus from posting here, I have encountered the new American reality of being homeless and all that entails. Without getting into details, my companion of 33 years and my poodle found refuge from our housing tragedy with friends 900 miles to the north, while I struggle to get things back on track here.

Needless to say, just getting our minds around surviving on Social Security, when that means adapting to total disruption of our once settled lives, has been a challenging ordeal. The good thing is that thanks to kind and generous friends, we are all safe and sound. Staying alive and well will undoubtedly present additional challenges before we are stable again, but at least the initial shock of having to separate our family and put our things in storage, while we recover and regroup, has abated somewhat.

When we have time and perspective to elaborate on the turmoil we recently endured, we'll be sure to update our online friends here. In the meantime, thanks to all for the encouragement and support that helped sustain us through our recent crisis.

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