Friday, October 24, 2008


Without a Shred of Conscience

Kevin Annett's documentary film Unrepentant exposes the hidden history of the Canadian holocaust.

Annett's revelation in the 1990s of the Indian Residential School death camps, run by the United Church of Canada, initiated public scrutiny of the systematic indigenous extermination by the Canadian government and mainstream churches that has broken the silence imposed by Canadian media and authorities. Despite ongoing church, government and police harassment, the story of mass murder of native peoples in Canada that continues to this day is no longer banished from human consciousness. Indeed, the crimes of the present against aboriginal peoples by North American institutions and corporations reveals the truth of Annett's statement that, "Christianity was hijacked" by a people who were able to kill "without a shred of conscience".

This may be the most powerful documentary you ever see; it certainly won't be one you'll forget.


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