Thursday, December 22, 2005


Untenable State

Joe Bageant:

The average American spends about one third of his or her waking life watching television. The neurological implications of this are so profound that they cannot even be comprehended in words, much less described by them. Television creates our reality, regulates our national perceptions and our interior hallucinations of who we Americans are (the best and only important tribe on the planet.) ...We live within a media generated belief system that functions as the operating instructions for society. Anything outside of its parameters represents fear and psychological freefall to the faceless legions within it....

America suffers from a psychosis, a psychosis being nothing more than an insistence upon staying in an untenable state of consciousness, despite the normal modeling of those around you.

Spartacus O'Neal:

If you ever wondered where Angela Davis ended up after her famous incarceration as a Black Panther (and student of Herbert Marcuse) in the 1960s, she's now an instructor at UC Santa Cruz in the History of Consciousness program.

Arvin Hill:

Interesting program. Pity such valuable information is made so rarefied and exclusionary.

Spartacus O'Neal:

Well, it does lend itself to face-to-face discussion in order to hash this stuff out, and the only place where instructors can make a living doing it is in institutions of higher ed. Some affiliated centers and institutes offer continuing ed. to working adults, but most are forced to conform to institutional dogma to secure funding. Find me a benefactor, and I'll start a satellite program that endows scholarships on people like yourself.

Along those lines, my Cowlitz Indian friend, Dr. Rudolph Ryser, administers an online, distance learning, certificate/degree program through the Fourth World Institute in Olympia WA. Bedrock consciousness of ancient nations still extant is a core aspect of the curriculum.


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