Monday, June 25, 2018


New Economy Year 24

With the public outcry about immigrant children abuse by the Border Patrol, it is an opportunity to examine Neoliberal fascism--by the current administration, as well as the previous. Pretending it is something new won't help. Neither will whining as a strategy.

The immigrant refugees fleeing Central America and Mexico looking for work and asylum are the consequence of NAFTA, signed into law by Clinton, and brutally enforced by Bush and Obama. Many of these refugees are Indigenous or 'Fourth World' peoples.

In an investigative podcast about military atrocities against Fourth World peoples in the way of mega-plantations, ProPublica reported on the criminal conduct of the World Bank. Focused on palm oil plantations in Honduras, where in 2009 President Obama supported the military coup enabling ‘sweatshop state’ development, the 2017 investigation was a revelation about the 'New Economy' lauded by the UN in conjunction with uber-capitalists like Bill Gates.

With Obama’s July 2010 decision to lift the US funding ban for Indonesian death squads, Indonesia’s elite forces began assassinating Indigenous Papuan spiritual leaders. Survival International ran a story on that, and Intercontinental Cry reported on the Indonesian military offensive (supported by Australia) against the West Papuan independence movement. If one is looking for an example of the unity of modern states and transnational corporations in opposition to the world Indigenous peoples’ movement for self-determination, West Papua would certainly stand out. The fact that two of the four states in the world that opposed the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples are funding the current atrocities in West Papua should come as no surprise.

The ‘New Economy’ unveiled by the global financial elite at COP 21 was revealed by Canadian researcher Cory Morningstar to be responsible for major deforestation, toxic pollution of fresh water, and ethnic cleansing of Indigenous peoples. In this incarnation of netwar, Wall Street entities hijacked the environmental movement, which was bought off with funding from fossil fuel magnates, i.e., Warren Buffett and the Rockefeller brothers.

In terms of relevance to the Indigenous nations often referred to as the Fourth World, the rollouts from the COP21 gathering of UN member states, Wall Street-funded NGOs, and the global financial elite resemble colonial initiatives undertaken as a result of similar 19th Century gatherings to carve up the world for capitalism. Then, as now, Indigenous territories and resources were targeted for expropriation through coercion.

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