Sunday, September 03, 2006


Someone Like You

As I've written about previously, fascism requires the assent of the populace and the collaboration of ostensible opponents. But perhaps more importantly, it requires time for its perverted ideas to develop in the minds of the populace, time to follow a progression of ideas that begins with the marginilization of other ideas and the people who believe them.

Once marginilization has succeeded in establishing that these other people's ideas are less valued, even dangerous, the ostracizing can proceed to step two--demonization. Through the process of demonizing, the views and ways of life of the already marginalized become a perceived threat to those of the dominant culture. This fear, real or unfounded, then becomes the basis for step three, or, the final solution.

The final solution, of course, is extermination. It doesn't have to be carried out enmasse, or by government officials; it can be just as well accomplished by vigilantes. In fact, a few seemingly random assaults, malicious harassments, and murders can go a long way in silencing dissent and stemming participation in public affairs--perhaps more so than systematic purges by the state.

The important thing to remember, though, is that the progression from marginalize to demonize to exterminate is begun by acceptance of the opinion of someone you trust, someone like you, someone who expresses beliefs you share in common. Neoliberals start unsuspecting consumers down this relay, hand them off to neoconservatives, who in turn leave them at the doorstep of fascists.

The only way to stop this process of social disintegration is to nip it in the neoliberal bud.


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