Sunday, March 25, 2007


Learning from Experience

The Bush/Cheney regime---built on the foundation laid during the Reagan/Bush criminal enterprise---is perhaps neither totalitarian nor maniacal, yet certainly anti-democratic and delusional. As the logical outcome of the progression of lawless anomie constructed by a transformed American conservatism, the inevitable future impact it will have on our youth, if we fail them now, is something I shudder to consider.

To their credit, numerous individuals within the ranks of whistleblowers, teachers, veterans, attorneys, nurses, and families (directly affected by the policies and actions of the illicit power now occupying the White House) have spoken up, organized themselves, conducted protests, and mounted legal challenges to the consolidation of criminality in the highest levels of our federal government. Now, I submit, it is time for these disparate groups to jointly convene a group or task force to explore ways and means of halting our social demise.

To our good fortune, we have several examples from our European relations who endured social collapse, rose to resist fascist imperatives, organized and rebuilt more egalitarian societies---a task that requires exemplary leadership, coordinated efforts, opportunities for participation, as well as economic support. Can we learn from their experience?


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