Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Carmichael on Minnis

“Then there was the complex network of ownership uncovered by Jack Minnis’ SNCC research department. These plantation factories must have been very profitable investments. One was owned by the corporation supplying electricity to Boston, Massachusetts. The majority stockholder of another was Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth…owner of one of the largest Mississippi plantations only slightly evolved from outright slavery….

Jack developed excellent, very detailed information on the Alabama power structure: which capitalists owned what, their historical relationship to the terrorist network, and so on…It was Jack who would find the old Alabama law that would be key to how we organized in Lowndes County….

D.C., a city with a black majority administered by congressional committees mostly of white Southerners…was as effectively disenfranchised as black people in Mississippi….Jack Minnis gave me a file on local government, federal preserve, congressional relationships, employment, everything, and I began speaking to everyone I could.”
--from Ready for Revolution by Stokely Carmichael

[Read more about Jack Minnis .
See who's carrying on his important work today .]


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