Sunday, November 05, 2006


Bulwark Against Humanity

Freeport-McMoran considered as a socially responsible business is, by itself, enough to make my head explode. The BSR also appears to be mining CWIS for resources they can twist into perception management.
--J. Alva Scruggs

True, BSR is a commercially-driven public relations enterprise comprising a membership that includes many transnational corporations better known for their felonious conduct than for good neighborship. The irony is that by promoting fraudulent or half-hearted cooperation with indigenous peoples they elevate awareness of the moral and legal issues they frequently violate.

Scanning their site, they are not surprisingly oriented toward global institutions that have the ability to overpower stateless nations, and undoubtedly see it to their advantage to bolster these state-oriented structures as a bulwark against grassroots mobilization such as seen in Mexico's Other Campaign.

Always good to know what your opponents are up to.


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