Monday, October 09, 2006


Criminal Enterprise Today

Calls for a lifering from some exploding heads lately got me thinking about how to simplify my analysis. In the case of the Congressional treason and war crime scandals, the simplest way to put it is that they get elected and stay elected as a result of their compliance with those who generate proceeds--licit and illicit--to lubricate campaigns, secure public contracts, and cover up high crimes.

Law enforcement, while including conscientious public servants, is also subject to Congressional pursestrings as well as oversight by politically subservient administrators, who quickly weed out idiosyncratic bureaucrats and agents. Thus, as we have increasingly witnessed since December 2000, no federal crime is too large to be swept under the rug or dismissed out of hand--including espionage, arms and narcotics trafficking, obstruction of justice.

International criminal enterprise today--whether in drugs, prostitution, or nuclear technology--is anything but ad hoc; laws, borders, treaties, and conventions are regularly and systematically transgressed with what now approaches impunity. In the scheme of things, a member of the US Congress is a relatively small player.


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