Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Useful Advice

"Thanks to the tireless and absurdly undervalued work of Jay Taber and a handful of like-minded researchers, I was already familiar with the Minutemen. ... Had everyone been on the same page - if every counter-protester was aware of the infinitely useful advice Jay provided me - we could have gotten twice the coverage and conveyed a laser-focused message."
--Arvin Hill, North Texas human rights activist

"I am interested in knowing how people like you get to do what you do so well. ...your work [at Public Good] is a very convincing statement of competency. Thank you."
--Nancy Pivarunas, San Francisco tenants organizer

"Blind Spots is a must read for organizing."
--Nancy Trium, Southwest Washington land use activist

"The Skookum blog is powerful and worth reading."
--Juli Kearns, Atlanta indigenous web-support person

"War of Ideas by Jay Taber is scholarly and clear-headed. No mean feat."
--J. Alva Scruggs, Connecticut alternative media editor

"You have taught me much. Thank you."
--Karena Espuela, Austin pro-democracy writer

"I read your work often and learn from you. In what you do is an element of heroism, sacrificing oneself or ones time and talent for a greater good. I wish more people would follow your example."

We corresponded about 4 years ago when New College was secretly imploding and I was a student in the degree completion program being traumatized by the experience.  You, an unabashed truth teller with a deep understanding of the ramifications of the culture that existed there, helped my sanity greatly. I must always reiterate that and thank you for it whenever I contact you.  Thank you again."
--L.E., San Francisco university student


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