Friday, February 24, 2012


Hopey Changey War

The gullibility of the hopey-changeys is understandable given the massive marketing campaign to characterize a Reaganite war-monger as a man of the people, but their continued support for US imperialism under the guise of humanitarian intervention suggests that they are either unable or unwilling to learn from their mistakes. In looking at the concept of humanitarian war-mongering as exercised by the United States, Jean Bricmont illuminates the illogic of unilateral belligerence as a substitute for international law. If the sole arbiter of national and international disputes is Wall Street and the Pentagon, then there is no need for the UN or foreign sovereigns other than to serve as proxies and false fronts for US corporations.

How this could remotely resemble anything close to a democratic system is baffling, but then, the hopey-changeys are not exactly deep thinkers.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



In the old days of the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA), official US Government organizations were more candid about overthrowing governments that did not succumb to domination by US corporate or military misadventures. Then Wikileaks happened upon US State Department cables and our view of international diplomacy changed forever.

Today, CIA-sponsored rainbow revolutions -- financed by National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) -- use puppet NGOs to destabilize non-compliant foreign regimes. Thanks to whistle-blowers and Wikileaks, we now know how US embassy diplomatic pouches are used to smuggle currency to these Trojan horses.

In an ironic twist of fate, we also get a glimpse of how the US State Department strategically undermines the world indigenous peoples' movement and human rights in general. To put it mildly, it isn't a pretty picture.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



One doesn't always realize how backward our country is until an example like this article about French agricultural policy comes to our attention.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Silent Arab Spring

In his editorial from the Department of Double Standards, investigative reporter Russ Baker connects the dots on the reconciliation between Al Qaeda and America. Noting how Western media gets it all wrong (as usual) in Libya, Iran, Egypt and now Syria, Baker examines the boiler plate propaganda used by Western allies in their hypocritical condemnation of the Syrian regime.

That condemnation, observes Baker, is in dramatic contrast to their silence toward comparably repressive but pro-Western governments like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. With uprisings in both of the latter Arab states -- what might be referred to as Silent Arab Spring for the lack of mention in Western media -- one might be inclined to surmise this psychological warfare posing as news is all about oil.

Unfortunately, as the EU and US attempt to destabilize Iran, the politics of oil could leave us all stranded by the roadside, as we were nearly four decades ago during the Arab Oil Embargo. In a perverted sense, we have come full circle in our ignorance, but bliss doesn't come to mind as an accurate way to describe it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Say It Loud

As an associate member of PEN, I look forward to reading my issue of the PEN America journal, a collection of essays, poems and short stories by writers from around the world.

In the current issue, Rian Malan -- a South African author, journalist and songwriter of Afrikaner descent -- recounts his teen years as a devotee of rock and roll during the Apartheid era. As a fan of The Beatles, Malan was upset by the official ban of Beatles music (when John Lennon remarked his band was more popular than Jesus), and decided to do something about it. Under cover of darkness, he and his friends spray-painted graffiti on a block long concrete wall in the white suburbs with the caption, "Say it Loud--I'm Black and I'm Proud." Later, as a fan of the local Otis Waygood Blues Band, Malan and other garage rockers horrified their Afrikaner parents with amplified Negro rhythm and blues.

Rian recently participated in the 2011 PEN World Voices Festival, as well as The Moth: True Stories Told Live, in New York City. Malan is now a contributing editor to Rolling Stone, and lives in Cape Town.

Saturday, February 11, 2012



The pharmaceutical industry and affiliated government agencies have tried to prevent a cure for cancer, but the doctor who has the answer isn't giving up. Rather, he is continuing to save lives they are willing to sacrifice for money. Watch the movie about the Burzynski Clinic and its non-toxic treatment that apparently works.

Update: The American Cancer Society notes the claims made by the Burzynski Clinic are not substantiated by standard methodology.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Whitewashing Dirty Deeds

I only saw one CIA-sponsored NGO live, and that was at the 2003 anti-war demonstration in San Francisco's UN Plaza. With tens of thousands filling the streets converging on the plaza to protest the imminent invasion of Iraq, the small contingent on the edge of the plaza holding expensive pro-war signs, and using amplified noisemakers in order to disrupt peace presenters on stage, was clearly not a genuine grassroots group.

In the NGO Watch article on fake revolutions in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, we learn how Wall Street think tanks merge seamlessly with US Government front groups to create the spectacular illusions of rainbow revolutions and Arab Spring. With funding from the CIA, NED, Soros and Ford foundations, the toy Che brigades have become instrumental in whitewashing Wall Street's dirty deeds around the globe.

This reality may be hard for American liberals to swallow, but better this bitter pill than raising the specter of another blowback like 9/11. What goes around comes around.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Nobel for Manning

Nobel Peace Prize for Bradley Manning? Don't hold your breath--pass the word.

Monday, February 06, 2012


Estimate of the Situation

Recognizing patterns of fraud in the media is only one aspect of freeing our minds from government propaganda; understanding how to subvert fraudulent spectacles -- used to justify war on the environment and humanity -- requires an accurate estimate of the situation. In other words, exposing patterns of fraud is not enough; within a culture of imbeciles, we need other tools than mass persuasion.

Exposing patterns of fraud (i.e. Kuwait war, Iraq war, Libya war), through analysis of media deception, is useful in recruiting those previously neutralized by fake threats or inflated atrocities, but our expectations must be tempered by the hard facts of social reality. As suggested on Wrong Kind of Green and elsewhere, that requires we take into account the large numbers of self-deluded religious devotees and self-distracted consumers who will likely never become anything resembling a citizen, let alone revolutionary. In other words, the fully aware and fully committed will remain a minute proportion of the populace.

Given the asymmetry of this conflict, our comprehension of such things as psychological warfare and network dynamics is fundamental to our success. Using creative Internet formats in new ways is a vital part of that effort.

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Culture of Occupation

In their groundbreaking videos and articles, Wrong Kind of Green illuminates the ideological manipulations of industrial civilization. Using false front NGOs and unverifiable evidence, industrial propagandists promote such non-sequiturs as free-market environmentalism and humanitarian war. Amplifying these false claims at the UN, these false fronts and redacted reports are deployed in the destabilization of societies resistant to the neoliberal agenda.

From Canada to Libya to Iraq, defeating indigenous lifeways and cultures of resistance is tantamount to crimes against humanity--ironically, the very claim most loudly trumpeted by false fronts in the employ of industrial sycophants like the CIA and UN Human Rights Council. With such a formidable foe, the reality check provided by Wrong Kind of Green is indispensable, indeed, a cutting edge tool of resistance.

Saturday, February 04, 2012


Putin on the Ritz

"He has overlooked a culture of corruption and extortion, cracked down on free speech, and has persistently degraded social benefits."--Mother Jones

Obama? No, Putin, but one can be excused for the confusion.

Friday, February 03, 2012


American Madrasa

Christian evangelism, like other forms of belligerence, aims to indoctrinate susceptible minds and undermine independent thought. As a form of psychological abuse, it often lends a benign appearance to a violent spirit. In reviewing The Good News Club, Chris Rodda alerts us to the lethal phenomenon of stealth efforts by Christian fundamentalists to conquer the minds of American children in public schools.

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