Wednesday, June 22, 2005



While I've grown accustomed to vapid commentary from the Fourth Estate, I find myself dismayed lately by the often insipid counterpoint of blog world. Not to be ungrateful for the wonderful people I've met through this new medium, nor to be dismissive of the potential impact this communicative venue might have on the consciousness of those who manage to break free of the commercial blitzkrieg on our psyches, but I nevertheless find it disappointing that the few discussions that actually take place within this realm are almost entirely limited to the province of bickering amongst participants of the dominant society.

Noted exceptions aside, our brave new blogville seems more and more like just another place for disgruntled Euro-Americans to vent their frustrations over their sense of powerlessness and despair. Meanwhile, the first nations of our planet are steadily moving forward an agenda of hope and self-determination through a myriad of conferences and workshops as well as formal educational development that puts our relatively prosperous society to shame.

Without going into my personal disatisfactions with liberal education in American institutions, suffice to say I would be delighted to connect with at least a handful of people in blogistan who are seriously interested in developing and offering something better than what's presently available in higher education. Maybe I'm dreaming, but young scholars deserve more, and our society requires it now more than ever. And while you're chewing that over, take a glance at what our autochthonous relations are doing:


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