Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Seamless Spectacle

Our TV-programmed nation, or, as Guy DeBord described it in his quintessential book, The Society of the Spectacle is now poised to consume the massive self-destructing apocalypse presidency while simultaneously witnessing his deathwish psychodrama enacted in the armageddon of Iran.

Whether or not this choreographed insanity is allowed to run its course unhindered by either law or morality, the fact that media-brain-damaged Americans are incapable of withdrawing themselves from the spectacle's spell, is cause for considerable worry. For those who value life, it's the challenge of a lifetime.

Allowing oneself to be herded from panicked horror to panicked horror, does nothing to end the cycle of destruction; for that one needs to keep one's cool, and to devise means of disrupting the seamless spectacle that shadows us through our daily lives.

Only then, can the awakening begin.


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