Sunday, August 27, 2006


More of the Same

It's a widely accepted myth with liberals that noble fighting Democrats brought about the Civil Rights Movement and equal protection under the law, when in fact the Democrats fought tooth and nail to stop the egalitarian measures for which the Far Left shed blood, sweat and tears in the Deep South. Reading the accounts from those who were there risking their lives, not grandstanding from safe enclaves in Washington, people like James Forman, Jack Minnis, John Lewis, Diane Nash, Rosa Parks, Dorie Ladner, Wally Roberts, Bob Moses, Wiley Branton, Gwen Patton, Judy Richardson, Miriam Glickman, Charlie Cobb, Staughton Lynd--these are the heroes of human rights in the US.

The fact that liberal Democrats lacked the moral fiber to stand firm against the conservative onslaught against these hard-won gains is no surprise; they never fought for them in the first place. Now, to demonstrate their common ground with conservatives, liberals express admiration for war-mongering racists like Richard Nixon, Billy Graham, and Teddy Roosevelt, and somehow think this also proves how tough they are. Some have gone so far as to absurdly suggest the New Deal might serve as as a bridge of diplomacy to the right wing.

What they describe is a demonstration of weakness, not strength. Lining themselves up with warmongers who've betrayed the Constitution time and again--people like Murtha and Obama--defines them as conservative, or neo-liberal, which is pretty much the same thing now days. What they advocate is a surrender of values while maintaining the public relations strategy of the Democratic Party, and diplomacy with fascism rather than the courage to fight it. In other words, more of the same.


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