Thursday, August 10, 2006


Righteous Folly

I just read the preface to Richard Heinberg's new book Oil Depletion Protocol, in which he presents a plan for systematic international cooperation in transitioning from energy abundant industrial economies to a more sustainable way of life. Professor Heinberg's a knowledgeable writer on the subject of peak oil as well as economics, so I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I also recognize the importance of international cooperation and the institutional protocols required to carry out joint ventures in preventing such things as pandemics and genocide, so I respect the need to put forth collectively responsible proposals as a way of countering the rampant cynicism and apathy that only serve to make things worse. That said, given the global disintegration of civil society to date over energy exploitation and militarism, I find it hard to imagine any greater success with this project than with others that pit humanity and reason against indifference and greed.

Indeed, before any sensible solutions of scale can take place on this or any other vital issues facing mankind, we will first need to address the criminalization of public institutions and private markets transnationally, as well as in the US. To do otherwise is folly.


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