Thursday, August 28, 2014


Navigating the Global Landscape

Rudolph C. Ryser illuminates the path for Fourth World nations to escape state domination.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Human Chains

Wow! Holding hands is so powerful!
Not only is sponsoring a People’s Climate March in New York City, as well as convergences, campaigns and mobilisations worldwide, but now they are doing human chains!
I’ll bet that has Wall Street titans shaking in their boots.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Treaties and Totems

In Treaty Rights and Totem Poles, Amber Cortes reports on the unified front of tribes and allies against Big Coal and Big Oil that Lummi schelangen (way of life) represents.


Shedding Light on the Fourth World

In Fourth World Geopolitics and the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, John Schertow interviews Dr. Rudolph C. Ryser of the Center for World Indigenous Studies about past, present and future relations between the United Nations, Indigenous nations, and modern states.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Inconsequential Dissent

In Untimely Meditations for Silencing the Drum Circles, Miguel Amoros explores inconsequential dissent, where civil society ideology is brandished as an anti-radical weapon, and the citizenry fantasy is dominant.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Red Skin, White Masks

Daniel Tseghay's review of Red Skin, White Masks by Glen Sean Coulthard illuminates the fraud of reconciliation, characterized by the accommodation forced on Indigenous nations by modern states. This violent transformation of noncapitalist forms of life into capitalist ones, quotes Tseghay, is a structure, not an event.

Challenging the disingenuous politics of recognition -- which includes transfer of land, delegation of self-determination, and economic development initiatives from the state to Indigenous communities -- "do little more than reproduce the systems of power they claim to uproot." Integrating Indigenous governments into the resource-exploitation economy, he notes, signifies the defeat of Indigenous peoples.

Symbols of reconciliation, says Tseghay, function as diversions from revolutionary change. Dismantling white supremacy and other aspects of ongoing settler state colonialism, he argues, requires organizing around the ethic of mutual aid, unencumbered by the urge towards hierarchies. Quoting Coulthard, "For Indigenous nations to live, capitalism must die."

Friday, August 15, 2014


Brand Obama Brand Klein

It's amazing how stating the obvious can make one famous.'s Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben aren't saying anything we don't already know; they just have a big budget to get their voices in the news.

I notice on Climate Connections that, in responding to Anne Peterman's article, apologists make the unchallenged claim that McKibben single-handedly created the climate change movement. A more accurate analysis, one yet to appear anywhere other than at Wrong Kind of Green, Intercontinental Cry and Public Good Project, is that McKibben and Klein -- wielding a Wall Street-amplified Wurlitzer -- hijacked the climate change movement, in order to steer it away from making clear and effective demands. 

This difference in explaining the role of McKibben/Klein -- as agents of Wall Street, hired to subvert the movement -- signals a solidarity of compromised NGOs, that while willing to debate policy within Wall Street-framed parameters, is determined not to violate the taboo against discussing co-option of NGOs by Wall Street-funded foundations.

There is already an awareness that there is a difference between mega-NGOs and grassroots groups; what is needed is to note that this difference is largely a product of marketing, funded by Wall Street. This is why I repeatedly use the term Netwar, so the naive can begin to see how they have been manipulated.

The fraud of brand Obama (Hope and Change) is now common knowledge; what we need to do is point out that brand Klein is the result of the same mass-marketing apparatus. Cory Morningstar did this in her expose, which is why I often link to her work in my commentary.

Saturday, August 02, 2014


Three-Ring Circus

Netwar in the Big Apple: Wall St. vs the Indigenous Peoples Movement is my latest over at Counterpunch.

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