Sunday, December 18, 2005


More with Arvin

July 1, 2005

Spartacus O'Neal:

I imagine in 1964 things looked pretty hopeless to conservatives after Goldwater’s defeat. And then look what happened: a Civil Rights movement; an anti-war movement; an environmental movement; and heaven forbid, a feminist movement–all within the following ten years.

But something else happened in that dismal time for the forces of conservatism–they started building the intellectual infrastructure to make a viable comeback that we witnessed in the election of Reagan and Bush and Bush, and the reversals of the sane and humane public policies they loathed.

This brings us to your question, Are leaders expendable? I guess that somewhat depends on the breadth and depth of the networks or movements they represent and the degree of social commitment to the ideas and philosophies they espouse. Which suggests we might want to begin discussions about how our values can make a comeback and what work that will entail. Coincidentally, my friend just started a new blog devoted to that purpose, and his post of a week ago Investing in Ideas initiates the discussion I believe we need to have.


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