Monday, July 21, 2008


Progressive Fascist Alliance

When we first rang the alarm about a merging of progressive interests with fascist ideology two summers ago, it was in response to the progressive marginalizing of alternative views and their adoption of other key parts of the fascist agenda. Over the past two years, progressives have continued down this destructive path.

We suspect that this capitulation by progressives is due largely to their failure to mount successful electoral or judicial challenges to the fascist regime, and while initially opposed to national aggression if not xenophobia, progressives are well on their way to endorsing the implementation of a total national security state.

While emotional weakness and psychological dysfunction led many progressives to this point of complete compliance, it is likely that mounting economic insecurity will seal the deal. As America's nervous breakdown intensifies, the progressive/fascist alliance can be expected to make matters worse for all of us.


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