Monday, August 28, 2006


Fervent Fear Factor

Almost without exception, the desire to belong and prosper is stronger than the commitment to democracy. As such, principled people are the Democrats' scapegoats. And sure as the sun came up, the Democrats will figure out a way of sacrificing the Republican immigrant scapegoats on the altar of bigotry. It's just a matter of political timing and electoral strategy.

An interesting illustration of progressive Democrat thinking is found presently in the Orcinus weblog guest columnist Sara Robinson's Nothing to Fear post scapegoating socialists, and Kevin Hayden's Democrat winning strategy post . With red-baiting as their mutual baseline, the recommendation by the American Street weblog editor that we redestroy Afghanistan, ignore grinding poverty caused by NAFTA/CAFTA, and spread energy depletion fear as a means of herding terrified voters to vote Democrat is not surprising, but disturbing nonetheless.

If these two progressive Democrat bloggers are any indication, it's beginning to look like the Democrats are intentionally going off the rails in advance of November, or even September, anticipating losing once again in the elections. It doesn't get much stranger than having self-confessed ex-fundies and ex-commies turned fervent Democrats projecting their psychoses on critics who stop by to allow some fresh air into their exhaust-breathing exercises.

Between the above nonsense and their Defending Democracy fiasco, I wonder what the grand finale in 2008 will be. Hopefully something more satisfying than another rich white guy taking a dive for plutocracy.

p.s. Stop Me picks up this thread and runs with it.


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