Saturday, June 03, 2006


Unprotected Uninformed

From 1995 to 2000, two private investigative human rights organizations in the Pacific Northwest--Coalition for Human Dignity and Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment--played vital roles in providing timely, accurate information about right-wing candidates, organizations, and activities throughout the region. This information and analysis--essential to the effectiveness of local human rights groups and activists--was otherwise unavailable. The collapse of this investigative wing of the human rights movement in the eight state area, due to lack of financial support, effectively disabled the previously well-educated, exercised, and coordinated human rights network, leaving the region essentially unprotected and uninformed.

Recognizing the importance of this valiant work, Building Democracy Initiative--a project of the Center for New Community based in Chicago--has archived online the five years worth of bi-weekly Northwest Update reports documenting the people, groups and organizing efforts of the anti-democratic right-wing. An archive that is unparallelled in value to historians and activists alike, this collection illustrates most clearly why the right-wing in the US has been so successful--its opponents have no resources.

Archives available.


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