Friday, January 06, 2006


Psycho Patriot

I've seen racist psychopathic ideologues self-promoted into public figures before. It happened with the militias. It happened with the property-rights groups. It happened with confederacy apologists. In fact, it happens with every incarnation of the White Power Movement I've seen.

So, it's no big surprise that the Minuteman national leader's claims to not be racist because he was once married to a black woman might be sufficient to bamboozle news reporters, but it doesn't fly with anyone who's seen deranged sociopaths self-projecting in the limelight before.

Simcox's daughter from that biracial marriage alleged that her father attempted to sexually molest her. "He's a drastic, chaotic, very dangerous guy," said his first ex-wife. "I'm surprised he hasn't shot anybody yet. I see him on TV and I have to turn if off, because it makes me sick to see him getting all this attention."

But maybe it has something to do with the times when his second ex-wife witnessed him banging his head against a wall repeatedly after which she filed an emergency appeal in September 2001 to obtain full custody of their teenage son because she feared that Simcox had suffered a mental breakdown and was dangerous.

In one sworn affidavit she testified that throughout their 10-year marriage, Simcox was prone to sudden, violent rages. "He once took a knife from the kitchen and threatened to kill himself," she testified. "When he was angry, he broke furniture, car windows, he banged his head against the wall repeatedly and punched things." Another time, she testified, she grabbed her young son in her arms and jumped out a window because Simcox was throwing furniture at them.

After such episodes, she said, Simcox would become despondent. "He would stare at walls, mumbling to himself." In the affidavits, Dunbar said she repeatedly pressured Simcox to seek professional help and even tried to have him hospitalized. But he persistently refused treatment.

And now he's leading a bunch of thugs with nothing better to do than harass poor farmworkers and day laborers. Some patriot.


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