Sunday, July 22, 2018


Kill the Rich

As an aristocracy with democratic trappings, the United States managed to function relatively well since the New Deal. With the Bush/Obama/Trump tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy, however, dysfunctional barely describes the present and future situation in which deteriorating basic infrastructure and social safety nets come to resemble conditions in Eastern Europe.
While the $10 trillion dollar loss to the U.S. Treasury proceeds to condemn the elderly and the poor to misery, its infusion into the private equity of the ultra-rich creates a Trump-Towerian effect where the aristocracy can literally look out over the landscape of destruction their greed has created. As the Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos remarked in Mexico,
We are coming after the rich of this country, we are going to kick them out, and if they have committed crimes, well, we will put them in prison… because this is the time that has come. We say that coexisting with them is not possible, because their existence means our disappearance.


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