Thursday, February 02, 2017


Intentional Incitement

It doesn’t get much stranger than a gay racist — invited to speak by Berkeley College Republicans — shut down by student protest and catalyzed by anarchists, who started a fire on the main student plaza, and then broke Bank of America and Wells Fargo windows nearby. If the Presidential Muslim ban is an indicator of things to come, intentional incitement on college campuses is part of a game plan by Republicans to justify criminalizing protest, which has already been introduced as legislation in eight states.

Free speech, of course, does not mean unopposed speech, and the students did good. The anarchists are just part of the mix, and understandable after the docility of liberals under Obama.

If the anarchists want to rumble, I suggest they practice on the American Nazi Party or Christian Patriots. Someone needs to kick their ass, and it won't be police.

The recent women's marches and protests at airports over the Muslim ban are energizing young people who were betrayed by the DNC sabotaging Bernie Sanders. They should be pissed off about that, and use that anger to take over the Democratic Party at the state level. 

Those that can't restrain themselves will continue with vandalism against justifiable targets, but what's a few broken windows or scorched lawns when democracy is at stake? Revolution is never neat and tidy.



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