Thursday, November 24, 2016


U.S. Cabinet

The Cabinet of the United States consists of the Vice President and 15 Secretaries*, appointed by the President of the United States, and confirmed by a simple majority of U.S. Senators.

  1. Agriculture
  2. Commerce
  3. Defense
  4. Education
  5. Energy
  6. Health and Human Services
  7. Homeland Security
  8. Housing and Urban Development
  9. Interior
  10. Justice
  11. Labor
  12. State
  13. Transportation
  14. Treasury
  15. Veterans Affairs

These department heads play vital roles in American society, and help to execute national policy, as defined by the President and Congress.  The 7 offices below comprise 'cabinet-level officials' .

  1. White House Chief of Staff
  2. Director of the Office of Management and Budget
  3. Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
  4. Trade Representative
  5. Ambassador to the United Nations
  6. Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers
  7. Administrator of the Small Business Administration

*The Attorney General, who heads the Justice Department, and the Secretary of State are the ones to watch, as they oversee the enforcement of civil and human rights.


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