Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The Ghost of Gates

While Public Media talking heads claim to be guardians of the truth, the truth is that they are on the corporate payroll, too. The corporate money might be laundered through corporate foundations, but the corrupting influence of corporate power is the same as elsewhere.

The insidious aspect of so-called public media is that it reads from a more subtle corporate script than in-your-face right-wing corporate media, a script designed to create doubt in the minds of liberal listeners on topics such as GMO agriculture and nuclear power--both of which are major corporate scams promoted by magnates like Bill Gates.

Public media seduces reasonable readers obliquely, suggesting these doomsday machines might help 'save the planet' and 'feed the hungry', even as they obliterate biological diversity and threaten all life. We saw this in full force at COP21, but it goes on daily in news items, where corporate-friendly scientists release statements about such nonsense as "assisted evolution."


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