Saturday, November 12, 2016


Father Knows Best

From God the Father to Papa Doc and Baba Abdic, male superiority is ingrained in societies descended from the heat stroke 'desert religions'. In America, where an overt misogynist was elected president with a Christian male supremacist running mate, a reversion to the non-feminist culture of the 1950s is soon to be the official policy of the White House.

To supporters of the absolute Daddy cult, fraud and aggression are not signs of character flaws, but rather symbols of strength by a man of action. Hitler capitalized on this deep-seated cult, and although his method of recovery for Germany from the Great Depression differed significantly from that of Roosevelt and the New Deal, he was greatly admired by his countrymen.

Consolidating a fascist state of strongmen in the US under a Republican government is now a possibility, although that will require putting people to work, with government funding. The neo-feudal, sweatshop state of Honduras offers insight into how that works: ethnic cleansing of indigenous peoples, murder of journalists, and the incarceration of political opponents.


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