Friday, October 14, 2016


Ad Man

Looking at the growing list of diminishing resources required for sustaining modern human society, it is clear that our species is on an exhaustive trajectory. In this sense, human beings today might be compared to locusts--individually innocuous, but in the swarming phase brought on by consumerism, devastating. Stripping everything in sight, the voracious appetite of Ad Man has a limited timeline.

Given this situation, humans understandably are giving up caring about the irreversible destruction wrought daily on the basis of life. It's beyond their mental capacity to cope with what they can't control. It doesn't make sense to worry about what is inevitable; why torture yourself?

That said, we can individually modify our consumptive behavior, and collectively curtail the corrupting influence of Ad Culture. Combined, such efforts can reduce individual misery and collective insanity, which are in themselves worthwhile--no matter the ultimate prognosis of Homo sapiens sapiens.


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