Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Break Free Corruption

If it wasn't for the nuking the future aspect of the 350 'clean energy' Ponzi scheme, the Break Free from fossil fuels campaign might be amusing, in a fairyland sort of way. I mean, Wall Street's always at least a dozen steps ahead of these bozos prancing around like they're saving the world. Ponzi schemes are just part of the new world order, and the do-gooders are always the last to catch on.

But then there's that little aspect of this exceedingly pompous foolery generating some genuinely pissed off responses from some not so tolerable sorts, who might get it in their heads to  commission some revenge against innocents like the Indian tribes, who are just trying to look out for their treaty rights--all because the idiots with nothing better to do are threatening to put people out of work.

So then we have to come out of our lovely retirement and clean up the mess these idiots caused with their fanatic fantasies about politics that brings out the worst in some folks who harbor racist resentment and start looking to do some wilding on our Native American friends, like they did twenty years ago--which was a real pain, and not a bit like the jolly camp out of May 14-16 at March Point.


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