Tuesday, March 01, 2016


The War Candidate

A new report by the New York Times portrays Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the driving force to attack Libya, creating yet another destabilized Arab country for ISIS to expand its territorial reach, as well as to restock its supply of military hardware as U.S. armaments flowed into the NATO-destroyed country.

The Times likens Hillary being hoodwinked by the Libya liberation leaders to the Bush administration's embrace of Iraqi liberation leaders, all of whom turned out to be phonies. But the Bush administration helped create the fake revolution in Iraq, while Hillary was led by the nose into creating the armed anarchy in Libya by an absentee 'revolutionary leader' who flew in from Qatar for photo-ops, then returned to the American military host country on the Persian Gulf.

Qatar, as noted in the Times article, is a major supporter of Islamic terrorism including ISIS. What the Times does not ask, however, is if -- given the outcome of destroying Libya -- the 'revolutionary leader' who met with Hillary in Paris was possibly an ISIS undercover agent.


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