Thursday, November 26, 2015


Clinton Foundation Influence Peddling

As noted at Harper’s, the Clinton Foundation — overseen by Hillary, Bill and Chelsea — has released its 2014 tax return, as well as amended returns for the previous four years, and an audit of its finances. What is already evident, says Ken Silverstein, is that “the Clintons have used the foundation for crass profiteering and influence peddling.”

Money-laundering is a crime, and the Justice Department has the authority to close the foundation, as well as to indict the Clintons for financial records that are according to Silverstein, “deliberately misleading”. Laundering large donations through a Canadian charity by Bill’s close friend Frank Giustra, the Clinton Foundation has evaded scrutiny for what has been described by one expert as “a professionally-structured money-laundering operation”.

As Silverstein observes, “Under Treasury Department money-laundering rules, the Clinton Foundation is required to disclose every financial account it holds abroad”, which it has failed to do on its last eight tax returns. Treasury, the IRS and the FBI have known about this for months.


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