Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Unconscious Milieu

I recently called out TRNN and FAIR for hypocrisy in covering up the Klein cult con. They rant about broadcast media giving biased attention to 350's climate march, while self-censoring on behalf of Naomi.

I believe this is a matter of stupidity, not malice, which just goes to show how naive the orthodox left is in the US.

If one takes Avaaz, Purpose and 350 campaigns at their word, our most pressing problems will be solved by Wall Street and the Pentagon. Looking at the agenda and plans (as opposed to rhetoric) of this PR PSYWAR AXIS, submission to hierarchy and surrender to aristocracy is paramount.

This is what I term reversion to infancy, where responsibilities are ceded in the face of overwhelming crises, and political illiteracy is enshrined. 

The HEAD case progression (hysteria/euphoria/anger/depression) of the Klein cult is a fascinating phenomenon. The 350 swooning over partnership with Wall Street aristocrats like Rockefeller Brothers gives new meaning to self-delusion.

The celebrity worship we are witnessing, by these adherents of advertising, indicates they have already become groupies of gala. For all their claims to raising consciousness, The Climateers are a distinctly unconscious milieu.

Whenever progressives come up with another ineffective response to a crisis, they fall back on the consciousness-raising excuse as justification. They are very good (and experienced) losers.


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