Thursday, September 18, 2014


Never Land: The Chimera of Clean Energy

The Climateers demand to end fossil fuels is so nonsensical, no one but progressives would suggest it. This gets into the Never Land fantasies, so pervasive in this milieu. Our society would collapse without fossil fuels, yet the chimera of clean energy (whatever that is) lures Klein groupies like the sirens. Seductive energy tales, like most fairy tales, contain a little bit of truth and a whole lot of fantasy.
The Klein mantra against capitalism as the culprit for climate change oddly never mentions the word consumerism. Blaming Wall Street is popular; challenging American gluttony is not. If the capitalist system is supported by consumerism, militarism and racism, then we would benefit from targeting them.
Klein’s radical chic persona as anti-capitalist Superwoman — marketed everywhere in media — obscures the fact that capitalism is perpetuated by brainwashing, propaganda and social engineering. Something Klein and 350 have a lot of experience at.


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