Friday, February 07, 2014


Stolen Wealth

Austerity programs pushed by the US, EU, World Bank and IMF are only partly about the greed of financial institutions and those that own them; it is equally about maintaining the power of social control by oligarchies of stolen wealth. People who are desperately foraging for food, shelter and medicine cannot muster the resources required to fight effectively for universal freedom from the impoverishing oligarchies. Mutual aid and solidarity of spirit don't mean much when your network or milieu hasn't the wherewithal to afford an Internet connection, telephone, or postage stamp.

Oligarchies established by theft of other peoples' land, lives, resources and wealth need replenishing in order to maintain luxury lifestyles and keep democracy down. While murder is still a useful tool, theft of public treasuries is now the predominant method, and austerity for the victims the inevitable consequence.

Organizing effective resistance to thieving oligarchies is not a simple task under these conditions. It demands heroic sacrifice few will willingly make.


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