Monday, October 28, 2013


Exploding Heads

North Americans, like all people, would prefer that energy extraction and distribution be done carefully and responsibly. At the same time, they continue to demand ever greater volumes of oil, gas and coal to fuel their cars, heat their homes and power their appliances.

If they can't have clean energy, they'll take dirty. Pretending they can force Wall Street to clean up its act is folly.

When has Wall Street ever lost? Certainly not under Obama.

I believe there will be many exploding heads as North America becomes as toxic a wasteland as Asia. Environmentalists have no realistic plan on how to stop that from happening. Even the moral theatrics industry will suffer as millions succumb to despair.

I believe the Maya are right in saying we are already dead (as a species). We just haven't gotten our minds around the irreversible trajectory of industrial and social policy.

On the bright side, maybe a new plague -- caused by the global collapse of public health -- will spare a few billion people from starving or freezing to death when food and fuel are exhausted.

Good thing cannabis is becoming legal; at least that might provide an alternative to depression or religious hysteria at the end of civilization.


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