Saturday, March 30, 2013


Deceitful and Treacherous

Glenn T. Morris, University of Colorado associate professor of political science, recently submitted a lengthy polemic response to my editorial Report from Sycuan, an account of the North American Preparatory Meeting for the 2014 UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples. From what I've been able to determine, Morris was one of the instigators who disrupted the gathering.

Along with his cohort Ward Churchill, who was fired by the University of Colorado for academic misconduct, Morris was expelled from the International Indian Treaty Council for disruptive behavior. Seven years later, the American Indian Movement National Board of Directors expelled Churchill and Morris from AIM.

The AIM Grand Governing Council described Morris as deceitful and treacherous. "Using the American Indian Movement to give them credibility, cover and access," says the Grand Council, "they [Churchill and Morris] have been able to infiltrate other organizations and movements nationally and internationally."

The AIM Grand Governing Council urges its friends and supporters to expose and isolate Churchill and Morris, and help undo the harm they've inflicted on naive innocents in both academic and activist milieus.

Morris, an attorney, has seemingly built a career out of choreographed belligerence, and seems stuck in his obstructionist role. Evidently, his MO is so ingrained, he is incapable of seeing how his misbehavior is an impediment to the indigenous peoples movement, of which he purports to be a champion. His response to my editorial helps to illustrate the tenor of some indigenous ideologues that challenges the movement's success.


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