Sunday, October 21, 2012


Refuge Within a Refuge

The Owl and Panther Project of The Hopi Foundation always intrigued me for its unique combination of art, intellect and generosity. As a social contribution based on Hopi traditional values and visions, this provision of refuge within a refuge is a remarkable humanitarian intervention toward those traumatized by state oppression.

As the many peoples of the world struggle to come to terms with internally and externally displaced persons, brutalized by corrupted markets and corroded states, tools of resilience that restore these families and individuals to good mental and spiritual health fill the void left by state and market malign neglect. As more of us become disoriented by war, trauma and loss of community, finding refuge where we can reorient ourselves by acquiring both a practical and spiritual understanding, enables us to address life's constantly changing circumstances through fulfilling participation in society.

Without these understandings, we are merely adrift in the turbulence.


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