Friday, September 21, 2012


Tragedy Farce Distraction

Tragedy, farce and distraction is how Anne Petermann describes the Rio Earth Summit. As she notes, sustainable development as promoted by corporations and their pet NGOs in Rio was about sustaining corporate profits--not the planet or peoples that inhabit it.

The green economy promoted by the carbon cabal at Rio, she observes, is really about privatizing the planet; once privatized, all natural resources on earth will be owned or controlled by Wall Street. As landlords of the planet, they can then begin evicting Indigenous peoples en masse.

In their role as corporate sycophants, NGOs like the International Union for Conservation of Nature help to domesticate public opinion. As Indigenous peoples fight for their lives in this all-out campaign by the UN and transnational corporations to take their resources and territories, one has to wonder if the colossal failure of UN member states to address climate change wasn't intended from the outset. If true, then the consequence could very well be the greatest crime against humanity in the history of the world.


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