Sunday, September 02, 2012


Beyond the Blog

When I first encountered the writing of Stephanie Hendrick and Therese Ornberg, they were both doctoral candidates at Umea University in Sweden. Since then, they have both gone on to teaching careers, Stephanie at Umea, and Therese at Linkoping.

In her dissertation Beyond the Blog, Stephanie Fayth Hendrick discussed academic blogging as both written scholarship and a communal endeavor. As a means of non-institutionalized knowledge production at the interface of the institutional and the public, scholarly blogging for public intellectuals, she notes, exposes otherwise inaccessible catalogues of ideas and the conversations that construct vital new social knowledge.
In Making Sense Digitally, Therese Ornberg Berglund explores achieving coherence in conversation via digitally-supported interaction, and examines the communicative affordances of multimodal discourse, particularly as applies to self-organizing in social situations experienced in multiple dimensions simultaneously.


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