Saturday, July 14, 2012


The Quaker Threat

Some might recall the 2008 national conventions of America's two largest political parties, where anti-war activists, including Quakers, were arrested at home in advance of planned protests. The preemptive strike by federal law enforcement against peace advocates was made possible, in large part, by illegal wiretapping.

As Tom Burghardt reports, warrantless wiretapping and illegal invasions of privacy, such as monitoring all cell phone usage and content by anti-war activists, is worse now than ever. By keeping an eye on political opponents, the U.S. Government can now harass and intimidate people for merely thinking and talking about protesting U.S. policy.

Since war is America's largest export, anti-war activists will always be a threat in the eyes of the National Security Agency and the Department of Justice. Under this scenario, the Quaker threat could conceivably become public enemy number one.


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