Monday, June 04, 2012


Ultimate Non Sequitur

Call something green -- be it jobs, economies, or consumer items -- and progressives fall all over themselves to embrace it. No matter that the green sociopolitical project (now on a planetary scale) means handing over more power, profits and social control to the very elites who caused the global financial crisis, and are responsible for the policies that caused the climate change catastrophe.

Knowing this about progressives, Free-Market planetary bureaucracies like the World Bank and their friends on Wall Street deploy bromides in abundance, all the while undermining democracy, indigenous sovereignty, and even environmental sanity.

Fighting this deception requires making those connections in the public mind, not arguing over the technicalities of how to bureaucratize the future of humankind. After all, that's how we got into this mess; handing all control over our lives to the UN and transnational banking corporations is the ultimate non sequitur.


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