Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Personalize Occupy

The lesson of liberation is that when confronted with gangsters as government, the opposition (in an obviously asymmetrical power relationship) has to be resourceful in order to defeat the hoodlums at the helm. Seeing how the multitudes of Occupy are unlikely to acquire sufficient armaments or organization to beat them militarily, it is imperative that the movement include an element of personalization to its educational curriculum. While it’s important to provide historical context and analysis to motivate the multitudes, it is equally important to identify the individual monsters responsible for legalized larceny and extortion.

Luckily, any local Occupy can do the research necessary to identify the scoundrels in their area, and publish their personal information online. Information like what they’ve done, where they live, and who they associate with. Using this information as a basis of organizing personalized actions to confront them with moral sanctions at their homes, country clubs and places of business would help to make them think there might be consequences for their social misbehavior, despite the privileges guarded by public institutions like the courts and police.

General complaints about evil bankers and crooked politicians are fine for introductory education, but getting personal makes it possible to start demanding accountability–or else.


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