Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Innocence Is Not Enough

With environmental activists topping the FBI most wanted list, undercover Department of Justice agents -- operating as snitches and provocateurs -- are to be expected. Sometimes they are easy to spot, sometimes not.

Perhaps less insidious is when FBI agents walk in the door and say they want to be your friend. Accepting such seemingly innocuous relations, however, can land the innocent in prison.

For those who've never attempted to defend democracy from the ravages of the corporate state, the reality of how the national police conduct themselves may seem unreal, but for those who've been railroaded into a jail cell for doing nothing illegal, it is all too real.

As noted in this article about FBI liaisons, sharing anything with the federal police can be a nightmare experience. For those who still maintain illusions about FBI fairness or integrity, links to additional reading materials are readily available.

It's a cruel world out there, and for those who fight for humane ideals, innocence is not enough.


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