Saturday, April 28, 2012


Dystopia Distilled

As human society reduces itself to slaves, soldiers and stockholders, the dystopia of the present and near future become mere stepping stones to a microbial planet. In the interim, monocropping feedlots and other pharmaceutically engineered organisms comprise short term high return investments for such enterprises as the harvesting of human organs and body parts, but as microbes inevitably gain the upper hand, such visionary recycling will eventually peak out in terms of derivatives. Such is the nature of capitalism you might say, but as widespread disease and starvation eliminate our concerns of overpopulation, the smart money's going to be on weapons and narcotics to combat humanity's hysteria.

Running through this march to dystopia is the thin red line of the saboteurs. Inhabiting the cracks in society, they lend an air of dignity to our ultimate demise.


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