Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Time on Their Hands

It used to be that when there were no jobs, young people could go to college or graduate school to prepare themselves to take advantage of future opportunities. Then, if nothing panned out right away after getting their degrees, they could always volunteer with non-profit agencies to gain work experience that would enhance their resumes.

Now days, with no jobs, no prospects, and dwindling openings for volunteers, taking on student loans doesn't make much sense for a lot of kids. Unless they plan on being doctors, lawyers or politicians, the odds of prospering from higher education are slim to none.

Watching the tuition for state schools here nearly double in the last few years, a lot of young adults are opting out of attending college, and with no jobs, they have a lot of time on their hands. Given this deteriorating scenario, it's no surprise that some with research and computer skills have decided to do something useful by attacking the corporations and politicians who caused this crisis. Maybe there's a message in all this.


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