Monday, April 04, 2011


About Time

Keen observers of American history are not surprised by the current White House and Congress plans to slash Social Security and Medicare. After all, the United States was founded on theft.

The tens of millions of US citizens who lost their homes, jobs and pensions in the 2008 heist by Goldman Sachs, now face a retirement reminiscent of Medieval Europe. In an individualistic society built on greed, these masses of suffering souls may not yet view themselves as comrades in arms against the American aristocracy and their minions, but the day will soon come when they realize this is a war, not a policy discussion.

Senior citizens and their disabled allies may not seem like a formidable foe of Wall Street and the federal government, but with time on their hands, and millions of unemployed in the same boat, the only thing lacking is community organizing. Once these disgruntled victims of hypocrisy realize diversions like voting and public interest lobbying are not going to do the trick, all hell could break loose.


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