Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Full Spectrum Dominance

The attitude of dominance undergirds many institutions, from the Pentagon to the Vatican to the New York Stock Exchange. As a belligerent attitude, those who subscribe to it are programmed to seek out and destroy all challenges to its philosophy. Peace societies, indigenous spiritual practices, and collective economic ventures have all fallen prey to the vindictive acts of dominant institutions and their free market brethren.

Ending dominance as a way of life, especially in the United States, is an undertaking that takes courage and commitment. Organizing effective resistance to dominance requires analysis of dominance as a system, with a focus on its vulnerabilities.

If dominance is to be sufficiently uprooted in order for Americans to keep their society from falling apart entirely, resistance will need to take on a degree of sophistication beyond protest, voting and lobbying. It will, in fact, require a new perspective on our governance, and the role dominance plays in it.


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