Saturday, December 11, 2010


Lackey Journalism

Reading yesterday's IPS report on COP 16, I am reminded of earlier conferences, where the European forces of globalization divided up other peoples' lands by international agreement. Not having transcripts from those 16th-19th century proceedings, I can only imagine the invocation of church, state and market interests that combined in setting forth those self-congratulatory plans.

Watching the privileged and powerful last week in Cancun, religious bigotry took a back seat to state and market propaganda, but the contempt for indigenous peoples and their sense of the sacred was front and center. With only the state of Bolivia dissenting from the state and market narrative, the concept of saving the planet or extending human rights through this international forum was trampled by hoards of self-congratulatory bureaucrats and career activists whose funding depends on maintaining this progressive hoax.

While expecting such behavior from craven opportunists like BINGO delegates, I am surprised to see progressive media falling so quickly into line. Perhaps they are simply playing up to their social milieu; maybe they are hoping to get a NED grant for covering the back of US Secretary of State Clinton. Whatever the reason, it is a sorry display of lackey journalism; my only response is that if they're not with us, then they're against us.

Today's Mother Jones article reads like a press release from the US State Department. After successfully undermining Kyoto and setting the stage for the REDD Ponzi scheme, the only task left in the climate charade was to marginalize the indigenous nations whose lands are to be recolonized by the UN.

With all the current notoriety from Cablegate, I'm sure that Secretary Clinton appreciates the progressive media support.


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