Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Aryan Nation

When outgoing governor Schwarzenegger first took office, he publicly attacked California's tribes, scapegoating them for state budget shortfalls. This was subsequent to his quashing the California attorney general's suit against Enron.

Today, as California awaits the swearing in as governor, attorney general Jerry Brown, Schwarzenegger is attempting to renege on the recent deal made with North Coast tribes, fishermen and environmentalists over marine life protection. After negotiating a compact recognizing tribal resource rights in accord with fishing and environmental interests, Schwarzenegger is trying to amend the deal on behalf of waterfront real estate developers by again attacking the tribes.

Governor Brown is unlikely to tolerate such nonsense, but Schwarzenegger is now positioned to become a national spokesman in the Anti-Indian Movement, which, after its embarrassing history, could use a new figurehead. An Aryan action figure might just suit the bill.


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